Installing Celery for Django

Here’s a quick and rough guide on how to install Celery for Django on Ubuntu, aimed at refreshing the memory of those who’ve done it before.

  1. Install rabbitMQ (instructions here)

  2. Install Celery (detailed instructions here)

`easy_install django-celery


  1. On the console, type the following (change the infomation where needed, 123 is the password, vhost is the virtual host name):`

sudo rabbitmqctl add_user username 123

sudo rabbitmqctl add_vhost vhost

set_permissions -p vhost username “.” “.” “.*”


  1. Add the following to

import djcelery


And to installed apps:


`and also

`BROKER_HOST = “localhost”


BROKER_USER = “username”


BROKER_VHOST = “vhost”


  1. Run celeryd:

sudo python celeryd

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